Riot Cabaret Pro Wrestling

Brand, Identity and Social Media Assets for Riot Cabaret Pro Wrestling

A striking logo and brand ID, a badass t-shirt design, and a future-proof social media design system

Client Riot Cabaret Pro Wrestling

Industry Wrestling, Entertainment


Hard-hitting, high-flying action. Riot Cabaret is wrestling, but not as you know it. The Riot Cabaret brand needed to match its chaotic energy, with grunge textures and loose, dynamic graphic elements juxtaposed with impactful visuals. It’s not just a logo - it’s a snapback design, a badass t-shirt, a symbol that a kid can doodle on their maths textbook.


Logo Design

A striking logo and brand ID, a badass t-shirt design, and a future-proof social media design system that means the brand looks cohesive, premium and professional right out the gate.

Alex invested a huge amount of time understanding the essence of our brand and what we wanted to do stand out from the competition.

I left that conversation feeling I knew more about my own company than I ever had before. He listened to my excitable stream of consciousness and came back with a beautiful brand deck, which totally encapsulated our audience, values and the essence of our brand.

From start to finish, Alex’s ethos has been about equipping our company with everything we need to be successful. Even though we’re a new company, the assets that Alex created for us during this refresh have made it feel like we’ve been established for years. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

James Davies

Owner, Riot Cabaret


A stumble doesn't mean a fall

Step 1 - Brand Immersion

Step 1 - Brand Immersion

Create the brief. Getting under the skin of what Riot Cabaret wanted to achieve, who they wanted to be, and how we could tell their story. We spoke with the founders, heard their story, and asked the right questions to help clarify their vision.

Step 2 - Research

Step 2 - Research

Who’s out there, what brands do people love, and why? Do we disrupt, conform, or surprise? If we don't know what's out there, our choice would be accidental. Our job: Understand the story. Understand the market. Understand the competition. Create purposeful design.

Step 3 - Concepts

Step 3 - Concepts

We presented 4 logo directions. None of the QUITE hit the mark. We spoke it through and figured out why.

Step 4 - Elevate

Step 4 - Elevate

Back to the drawing board. We learned, we listened, we created.

Step 5 - Riot Cabaret

Step 5 - Riot Cabaret

A badge, a belt buckle, and a whole lot of impact, Riot Cabaret jumps out of the screen and into the consciousness of British wrestling fans.

Why We Were the Perfect Fit

We understand how brands visually communicate across multiple channels, so we were able to create a responsive logo and visual identity that would grow with RCPW. We have a consultative eye on process and business growth, so we were able to deliver assets that would scale with the company, serving them well for years to come.

You know what do do.

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