The Storage Bay

Simplified Ecommerce Interface for The Storage Bay

Updating a previous branding project of ours to modernise and simplify the purchasing process of complicated multi-attribute products totalling 20k+ Skus

Client The Storage Bay

Industry Retail Storage Solutions


The objective of building and designing a new website for The Storage Bay was to streamline the management and purchasing process of complex multi-attribute shelving and storage solutions. The website aimed to provide a user-friendly interface that simplified product browsing, selection, and customisation for the consumer while at the same time streamlining the back-of-office processes.


Multiple Attibutes
Automation, Integration
Custom Database

By integrating with payment gateways, invoicing solutions, and the Xero accounts package, the website ensured smooth and secure transactions for customers. The use of Umbraco CMS, combined with the Vendr e-commerce platform, allowed for efficient content management and robust e-commerce functionality.

The goal ultimately was to create a seamless online experience that empowered customers to easily find, configure, and purchase the ideal shelving and storage solutions.

The team totally understood the brief and created a bespoke solution that moved us away from the confusing beast that is Magento and created a custom simple user experience for both the customers on the front end and our team in the back end.

Jason Larcombe

Director, The Storage Bay

Why We Were the Perfect Fit

We were the perfect fit for The Storage Bay, as our team is solutions-oriented and possesses a comprehensive understanding of various platforms and how they can be extended. This allowed us to effectively navigate through complex challenges and identify the core issues at hand. By seeing through all the usual add-ons and plugins, we were able to envision the bigger picture and provide a tailored solution that precisely met the requirements.

Our expertise in development and familiarity with diverse platforms enabled us to think innovatively and create a bespoke solution that seamlessly addressed the specific needs of the project. Through our problem-solving approach and ability to recognize the wood amidst the trees, we delivered a solution that exceeded expectations and perfectly aligned with the project's objectives.

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